UOC (mlm) statement on the international campaign in support of the People’s War in India

UOC (mlm) statement on the international campaign in support of the People's War in India 1

Long live the People’s War in India! Stop the genocidal operation Prahaar 3!

A great revolution is advancing in India. The revolution of those at the bottom, of the poor, of the oppressed, of the super-exploited, of the workers and peasants, of the Dalits and the Adivasis tribes trampled upon by the reactionary social caste system.

The New Democratic Revolution led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), advances by the way of the protracted people’s war, destroying the reactionary power of the oppressor classes and building the new power of the Revolutionary People’s Committees, exercised with the armed support of the people’s militias and the People’s Guerrilla Army of Liberation, in vast liberated zones of numerous states of the center and northeast of the Asian subcontinent.

The Indian people suffer under the ferocious Hindu dictatorship of the feudal and capitalist exploiting classes, backed and servants of the world imperialist bourgeoisie. Dictatorship headed by the criminal regime of Modi, whose dream is to liquidate the people’s war led by the Maoists, through bloody scorched earth campaigns like the so-called Operation Green Hunt from 2009 to 2017, stopped by the heroic resistance of the armed and unarmed people, of the manual and intellectual workers, with the backing of the internationalist mobilization and denunciation in various countries.

Today the brutal offensive of the Hindu regime, is concentrated in the Prahaar-3 Campaign, a new genocidal operation that aims to drown the Indian revolution, with its usual bloody methods: increase of paramilitary commandos who in conjunction with the reactionary army perpetrate massacres, torture, murder in cold blood leaders who are then presented as «fallen in combat», rape and trample on women, burn and expropriate small landowners, prosecute and imprison revolutionary intellectuals who denounce the atrocities of the regime….

The Modi regime dreams in its vain attempt to exterminate the Indian revolution! And it will continue to dream until its inevitable final defeat! The armed revolution of the masses is a powerful force that will sweep from the planet all reactionary dregs, that will resist and defeat the Prahaar-3 operation and all those to come, because the war of the people is just, it advances in the progressive sense of history and therefore, it has assured victory despite the temporary defeats and the immense sacrifices that it entails.

The people’s war in India is today, the advance of the World Proletarian Revolution, it is the example and road to follow for the oppressed in all countries. Therefore, it demands to strengthen the unconditional and internationalist support of the proletarians and peoples of the world. Such is the purpose of the International Campaign in Support of the People’s War in India and Against the Genocidal Operation Prahaar-3, called for November 24 by the comrades who in Italy and Galicia promote the Committees in Support of the People’s War in India.

The Communist Workers Union (mlm) of Colombia, supports and joins this magnificent initiative, for which it calls its militants, pre-militants, sympathizers and communist and revolutionary friends, to:

To make graffiti, scratchings and posters with the slogans: Long Live the People’s War in India, behind the genocidal operation Prahaar 3! and Long Live the Revolution in India, Advance of the World Proletarian Revolution! To paste the allusive poster that will be published in www.revolucionobrera.com and spread through all its networks. Participate in the special program of Vanguardia Obrera that on this occasion will be broadcast on Facebook Live on November 24 at 7 pm (Colombian time).

Comrades, comrades and friends: it is just and necessary to participate in this Campaign of November 24, rejecting nationalism which is a rotten bourgeois flag, and practicing internationalism, red flag of the proletariat, the world class that because they have the same enemies, their interests and revolutionary objectives are common.

Death to the reactionary regime of Modi and his henchmen!
Victory to the heroic people’s war in India!
Long live the World Proletarian Revolution!
Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

Steering Committee – Communist Workers Union (mlm)
Colombia, November 12, 2021


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