Negación de la Negación No. 6 en Inglés

The «leftism» and fight for unity the communists

Negación de la Negación No. 6 en Inglés 1


Today we deliver to the working class in Colombia and to the International Communist Movement a new issue of our theoretical magazine Negation of Negation also dedicated to the struggle for the international unity of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, as have been the three previous issues, on this occasion in polemic against «leftism».

In the plans of the Steering Committee of the Communist Workers Union (mlm) it was planned to be published last November, before the International Maoist Conference promoted by the Coordinator for a Unified Maoist International Conference -CCIMU- took place; however, due to different internal difficulties it was not possible to meet the stipulated deadline, although several of the articles date from those days.

We know that the Conference promoted by the CCIMU was held and that in these days its conclusions will begin to be known. An event to which our organization was invited but which it was not possible to attend because, as was publicly stated, the proposal presented by the comrades of the CCIMU as bases for discussion did not correspond to the current situation of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists; that is to say, it did not represent a basis of common general unity, which would allow to continue the struggle around the divergences which for now are legitimate within the revolutionary communists and did correspond to the positions of a certain shade, considered erroneous by our organization. The unwavering defense of the evident errors pointed out, the attacks and insults uttered by the followers of that «leftist» nuance only ratified our assessments.

The realization of the event promoted by the CCIMU and the Declaration that emerged from it, where statements criticized by us are suppressed, does not change the need to fight in depth against the erroneous conceptions defended by the comrades and therefore the content of the present issue of Negation of Negation is still valid, as urgent as the struggle for the unity of the International Communist Movement in a new Communist International, only possible with the demarcation in the whole general line with opportunism in its different varieties.

In this special issue the reader will find a refutation to the «leftist» ideas and attacks made by the comrades defending the proposal of bases of discussion presented by the CCIMU and which refer to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as a new, third and higher stage of the development of Marxism; to the general laws of dialectics and in particular to the negation of negation; to some questions of the imperialist system and the world proletarian revolution; which constituted and continue to be important problems of the debate.

Commission of Theoretical Struggle – Communist Workers Union (mlm)
December 2022 

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