Statement of the Communist Workers’ Union (mlm)

All imperialists are paper tigers, they look powerful but in reality they are not so powerful, it is the people who are really powerful. Mao Tse-tung

Imperialism, the highest and last phase of world capitalism, is an agonizing and decomposing system that survives artificially at the expense of overexploiting the labor of world society and devastating the natural wealth of the planet. In the accelerated march towards the inexorable end of its existence, it has embroiled society in a great world disorder, crossed by hunger and ruin of those who produce wealth, by horrendous wars against the working masses, by the wandering of millions of displaced and exiled migrants, by diseases and pandemics, by dictatorial regimes that sow terror against the poor, by imperialist impositions that restrict and ignore the most minimal political and economic rights of the workers in all countries.

In the midst of such terrible conditions, the world working class commemorates its international day, which following the example of struggle of its striking ancestors in 1886 and learning from the heroism of its leaders, the Chicago Martyrs, makes this May Day, a day of unity and internationalist and revolutionary struggle of the proletariat and the peoples of the world against imperialism and the reactionary classes.

May Day is the day when the workers of all countries demonstrate in the streets, demonstrating not only to be members of the most numerous class of society, but also the most important and necessary class, because nothing moves in the world without the powerful force of its arms, and therefore, the most revolutionary class entrusted by history to lead the World Proletarian Revolution that will defeat and bury imperialism forever.

May this May Day be a day to carve in the consciousness of the proletarians, the need for the unity of the world working class regardless of nationality, race, sex or religious beliefs and political ideas, because it has before it common enemies and shares the same immediate and future socialist and communist interests.

In itself, the foundations of the system of wage exploitation have been hollowed out by an already long world economic crisis, which, although its deepest causes lie in the anarchy of capitalist production and in the private monopolization of socially produced wealth, today it has been extended and deepened by the imperialist frenzy, predator of the world labor force and destroyer of nature. The culprit of the death by covid-19 of more than 6 million people in the world, is imperialist capitalism that for its eagerness for profit turned the calamity of the pandemic into a business, but caused a health crisis that led to a huge worsening of the world economic crisis, whose slight recoveries have been nothing more than the transit towards deeper relapses. Economic crisis whose costs and consequences are charged to society, adding to its already terrible sufferings, more unemployment, hunger, poverty, migration and an overflowing world inflation that hits mainly the workers, all of which triggers the social scourges of the system (delinquency, drug addiction, prostitution, begging…).

Both the inter-imperialist contradictions fueled by the unequal development of the imperialist countries, and their impotence in the face of the world economic crisis, incite them to solve both problems by means of world war. The monopoly concentration of capital and the domination of finance capital in all spheres of society, forces the imperialists to make new divisions of the world through the force of war, to obtain profits, increase profits, disputing the exploitation of the world labor force, markets and sources of raw materials, colonial and semicolonial domination of the oppressed countries and the zones of influence of their competitors. The reactionary world war to burn surplus labor force and paralyzed means of production is the solution offered by the imperialists to solve their economic crisis.

Today, May Day is being commemorated precisely at the same time that the imperialist bandits of the U.S., Canada, U.K., U.K., EU, Australia, Japan, Russia and China are mobilizing their armies and armaments in readiness for the outbreak of World War III. Under imperialism, the periods of relative peace, are nothing more than times of preparation for war as they have done for decades of arms race, invading and attacking countries and territories directly as in the case of Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Mali, or through servants like Israel against the Palestinian people, or Saudi Arabia against Yemen.

The decline of U.S. imperialism and their hegemonism is manifest, in contrast with the economic rise of Chinese social-imperialism and the recomposition of the military power of Russian imperialism. Yesterday in Syria, today in Ukraine, an oppressed capitalist country of Eastern Europe, the expansionist interests of U.S. imperialism at the command of NATO and Russian imperialism, supported behind the scenes by Chinese social-imperialism, clash. The war in Ukraine is disguised by the imperialists on both sides, with banners of «struggle for freedom, democracy, national independence», but in reality it is a war between imperialists through the neo-fascist regime of Zelenski, puppet of the EU and NATO, it is a big business for the arms monopolies, it is a pretext to militarize the whole of Eastern Europe, to divide up the territory of Ukraine, plunder its abundant natural resources and exploit the labor force of the Ukrainian people.

The war in Ukraine has served to show that the essential distinction between countries in the epoch of imperialism is between a handful of imperialist, oppressive, exploiting countries and the rest of the oppressed and exploited countries. The theory of the «Three Worlds» is a revisionist rehash only useful to deny the existence of countries like Ukraine, which being capitalist, are also oppressed.

The war in Ukraine has exposed the nefarious work of the revisionism of Krushchovist revisionism, which in times past served as a «Trojan Horse» for a new bourgeoisie in communist garb to overthrow the dictatorship of the proletariat in the once socialist countries, to restore the dictatorship of the capitalists, power with which they dismantled the collective property of the great infrastructure built by the masses in socialism, to deliver it in private property to a few big oligarchs. The revisionist parties, heirs of the rotten theories of Khrushchev, today shamelessly support the imperialist war of Putin, head of the new Russian bourgeoisie and declared anti-communist. Likewise, the bulk of the reformist and social democratic parties have aligned themselves with the NATO imperialists, in support of their reactionary war.

Because it is an imperialist, unjust and reactionary war, inflamed by the atrocious national hatred, which is the solution of the bourgeoisie to solve the national problems, the war in Ukraine should not be supported by the proletarians and peoples of the world, because it serves the imperialist interests, because its main victims are the Ukrainian and Russian workers, because the solution to the national problems is internationalism which demands the unity of the workers without distinction of nationality and the only hatred that is admissible for them is class hatred against their common bourgeois and imperialist enemies.

The proletarians and peoples of the world must not align themselves with any of the imperialist contending sides in this war; on the contrary, they must reject with denunciation and political activity, any support for this reactionary war and any commitment of the lackey classes of the oppressed countries with the imperialist bourgeoisie, whether from the West or the East.

The proletarians and peoples of the world can only support the revolutionary forces of the Ukrainian people who, sooner rather than later, will recompose their organizations and lead their struggle to defeat the imperialist forces of occupation, liberate the country from all colonial or semi-colonial domination, and overthrow the reactionary lackey classes of imperialism headed today by the bloodthirsty neo-fascist regime of Zelenski.

Faced with the imperialist preparations and threats of world war, the position of the communists is to reject it, not to fear it, to prevent it with the revolution, or to transform it into a revolutionary civil war against the oppressors and exploiters.

The danger of world war is just the tip of the iceberg representing the contradictions of imperialism, more and more exacerbated, between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie – the main world contradiction in this epoch of advanced agony of the imperialist system – where the proletariat is not only that of the imperialist countries but also that of the oppressed countries, be they semi-feudal or capitalist; contradiction between the imperialist countries and the oppressed countries so agitated as demonstrated today by the wars of aggression, wars of resistance and people’s wars in different countries; contradiction between society and nature where life is not only threatened by a nuclear war, but by the global environmental crisis created by the imperialist destructive voracity.

The consequence of the overwhelming world social crisis harvested by imperialism, cannot be other than the worldwide sharpening of the class struggle, that is, of mobilizations, economic strikes, political strikes, uprisings, social outbreaks, attempted insurrections, wars of resistance, people’s wars… all in the perspective of the main trend of the epoch, the World Proletarian Revolution.

In a word, we are invincible, because the world proletarian revolution is invincible. Lenin

The World Proletarian Revolution is the only social and political force that can save humanity from the imperialist quagmire, because the social basis of its two great currents – the socialist revolution of the proletariat and the revolutionary anti-imperialist movement – represents the living, working and transforming force of society and nature, which no longer resists the yoke and imperialist parasitism, which rises in rebellion in all countries against the outdated imperialist system, which expresses the profound rebellion of the productive forces of world society against the social relations of exploitation that muzzle them and prevent their development.

The force of the spontaneous struggles of the proletarians and peoples of the world, although it tends to transform them into insurrections, into wars of resistance and people’s wars… with few exceptions, lack the organization of the leading communist element, indispensable to transform the frequent political crises of the reactionary governments, into a situation where the enormous social energy of the mass movement is transformed into revolution. This lack is one of the reasons why the powerful uprisings that have shaken several Latin American countries in recent years, which have shaken the reactionary ruling regimes, for now are channeled by the reformists who manage to cloud the consciousness of the masses with the vain illusion of solving their problems by the bourgeois constitutional way, by the way of the ballot box, not the streets, nor the way of arms.

The situation of division and dispersion of the Marxist Leninist Maoist communist movement, is today the main problem and weakness of the World Proletarian Revolution. To solve it is not a question of exclusive necessity of the conscious movement, since such necessity is conditioned by the dramatic demands of the world class struggle, by the crucial responsibility of the Marxist Leninist Maoists in their role of bearers of the socialist consciousness, of revolutionary leaders of a world movement that objectively tends to the burial of the rotten system of wage exploitation.

We must persist in the proposals, purposes and tasks manifested in recent years by different organizations and parties, in the direction of building and strengthening true communist parties in each country, and especially in the direction of preparing and organizing a Unified International Conference of the Marxist Leninist Maoists, since this is the correct way to advance today in the solution of the main weakness of the movement, a solution that must materialize in a new Communist International based on Marxism Leninism Maoism, indispensable to lead to the triumph of the World Proletarian Revolution.

A Unified International Conference of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, founded on a minimal but fundamental basis of unity in the principles and in the political tasks of the moment, is the correct way to advance towards the unavoidable delimitation with respect to opportunism in the whole general line, treating the divergences among the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists as contradictions within the people and with the method of the struggle of lines, of unity – struggle – unity.

A Unified International Conference of the Marxist Leninist Maoists is today the correct way to erect a provisional world leading Center, which guides the execution of the common internationalist tasks, against the reactionary ideological onslaught, against the imperialist wars and the threat of world war, in solidarity with the struggles of the proletarians and peoples of the world, in support of the people’s wars, advanced of the World Proletarian Revolution.

If sectarianism and skepticism in the face of the demands of the class struggle in the world, give up the urgent need to organize a Unified International Conference of the Marxist Leninist Maoists, the masses and history will not forgive it.

In a word, the perspectives are bright, but the road is zigzagging. We still have before us many difficulties, which we must not overlook. By uniting with all the people in a common effort, we can undoubtedly overcome all difficulties and achieve victory. Mao Tse-tung

Colombia is part of the world imperialist system as an oppressed capitalist semicolonial country, where the reactionary classes of bourgeoisie and landowners are partners and lackeys of Yankee imperialism mainly, have committed the country as a global partner of NATO and today prostrate themselves in support and defense of the human carnage sponsored by that imperialist military organization.

The current government is exercised by a mafia and paramilitary regime, in coherence with the economic weight achieved by the industry and trade of psychotropic drugs. A regime whose military commanders are docile employees of the international mafias, and which for more than 20 years has sponsored a reactionary war against the people, expropriating and displacing the poor and middle peasantry, the indigenous and blacks, to extend the so-called «corporate agriculture» with immense plantations where, as in the African palm plantations, not serfs of the glebe are exploited, but salaried proletarians, a consequence of the deepening of the capitalist development of agriculture, favorable for the revolution because it has multiplied the weight of the working class not only in the city but also in the countryside.

Regime of the mafia and the paramilitaries that applies and administers with an iron fist the anti-worker and anti-popular imperialist impositions, sowing hunger, desolation and death in fields and cities, but harvesting the deepest hatred of the people manifested in three powerful social uprisings since November 2019, mainly in the urban centers where 81.5% of the 51.7 million inhabitants of Colombia are settled. A regime that responds to any social protest with the terror of the State and its paramilitaries, with massacres of peasants, assassinations of popular leaders and demobilized guerrillas, persecution, imprisonment and disappearance of revolutionary activists.

But the repression, instead of breaking the fighting spirit of the Colombian people, has multiplied their hatred against the oppressors and exploiters, has strengthened their willingness to fight, because the social problems, far from being solved, have worsened, and are the material basis for new social outbursts that will necessarily follow, in spite of the disastrous work of the political fire extinguishers, today standing in the way of the struggle like dead cows crying for demobilization so as not to irritate the oppressors, and promoting a cosmetic change of government without touching the State of dictatorship of the capitalists, much less the system of social relations of wage exploitation.

As in other countries, in Colombia the mass movement, and specifically the workers’ movement, continues to lack a revolutionary leading party, which has been the Achilles’ heel of the recent uprisings. But it is also true that we communists are working to resolve this deficiency, and today more than ever we are faced with the need to concretize a plan for the preparation of the Party Congress, a task in which the Communist Workers Union (mlm) is committed, and to which it calls upon the other Marxist-Leninist-Maoist comrades, in the same way as it has committed itself to contribute to the preparation and organization of the Unified International Conference of the Marxist Leninist Maoists, presenting its points of view in the face of proposals of other organizations and parties, and more concretely, proposing a Minimum Platform of Unity, for the consideration and discussion of the International Communist Movement.

May Day is the propitious occasion to communicate our positions and proposals to the comrades of Colombia and other countries, and also to the proletarians who should know how the construction of their Party and the International is going, because they are the most precious organizations of their class, which need their support and participation.

The objective conditions of the world are excellent for the advance of the World Proletarian Revolution, because the existence of imperialism is incompatible with that of society, because there is division among the imperialists and among the reactionary classes, because the proletarians and peoples of the world are rebelling, fighting and longing for revolution. It only remains for the communists to assume their role, to resolve with modesty and dignity the tasks of the construction of the Party in each country, and the organization of the unified International Conference of the Marxist Leninist Maoists, in the course of giving the world workers movement a new Communist International.

WORKERS AND PEOPLES OF THE WORLD, UNITE AGAINST IMPERIALISM! Long Live Internationalist and Revolutionary May Day!
Down with capitalist world exploitation!
The working class has no country! It has only one world to win!
Down with imperialism, world system of oppression and exploitation!
All imperialists are the deadly enemies of the peoples of the world!
Russian imperialists out of Ukraine!
NATO imperialists out of Eastern Europe!
Down with the neo-fascist Zelensky regime! Long live the revolutionary struggle of the Ukrainian people!
Colombia out of NATO!
Death to imperialism! The future must belong to socialism and communism!
For the international unity of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists! Forward!
Against imperialist war! Long live the World Proletarian Revolution!

Communist Workers Union (mlm)
Colombia, May Day 2022


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