December 10, 2019

1. Need for an international conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists

Various statements and releases from Marxists Leninists Maoists parties and organizations have proclaimed the need to organize a Unified or Joint International Conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists and make it a culmination of the commemoration of the 100th birthday of the Third International, the Communist International.

«The call for a Unified Maoist International Conference is a bold cry of war to overcome the dispersal of the International Communist Movement and unify it on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, the fight against revisionism and at the service of the world proletarian revolution.» 1

1 Joint Statement - Dare Fight, Dare Win! May 1, 2019 

“This May Day the real communists call:

– To unity based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, on the way of the People’s War for the development of the world proletarian revolution. A unit that develops mutual aid and cooperation to take common steps in the construction of proletarian parties capable of leading class struggle through the direct experience of proletarians and peoples, towards the development of new democracy and socialists revolutions.

– To action unity in the fundamental aspects of class struggle in both imperialist countries and countries oppressed by imperialism: support for the People’s War in India, the Philippines and all countries, Peru, Turkey, etc. – where the way of People´s War takes place at different stages; the defense and release of political prisoners and prisoners of war in the world; the development of the anti-fascist and anti-imperialist front; the unity of classist trade union organizations; the development of the struggle of women and revolutionary proletarian feminist organizations.

To achieve these objectives is that today we need the Joint Marxist-Leninist-Maoist International Conference of MLM parties and organizations, with meetings and intense debate on political and ideological issues and their tasks2

2 Joint Statement – Red And International May Day! May 1, 2019

It is well known that the process of international unity of the Communists, since the time of the League of Communists and through the experiences of three Internationals, the Moscow Conferences, the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement… is a process of conscious movement that reflects the need imposed by the objective process of the capitalism contradictions, and since the beginning of the 20th century, by the imperialist phase of agony and decay of capitalism in which its contradictions, and especially the global contradictions of imperialism sharpen. Likewise, the international unity of the communists is a process of the conscious movement urged by the needs of the world proletariat and the peoples of the world, that is, social forces of the World Proletarian Revolution.

In the imperialist phase, the decline of the capitalist system in a deciduous, decomposed, predatory system of men and destroyer of nature, has created the material premises of socialism and objective conditions for its defeat and destruction by the World Proletarian Revolution, whose social forces are arranged all over the planet.

The only indispensable condition that today is not ready to fulfill the leading role in the struggle for the transition from society to socialism, is the Marxist Leninist Maoist International Communist Movement, whose crisis situation is characterized by a lack of unity ideological definitions and political tasks, and by a great weakness and dispersion of their forces.

This crisis has remote causes in the divergences about experience of the III International, experience of building socialism, experience of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, and especially the experience of defeat in China. But the immediate cause of the current crisis is the collapse of the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement.

Then, is very gratifying, that again different parties and organizations agree to recognize the pressing need of the international unity of the Communists and express their willingness to organize a Unified or Joint International Conference of The Marxists Leninist Maoists.

When the internationalist Revolutionary Movement was bankrupt, detonated by prachandist betrayal in Nepal, the need for an International Conference to reorganize a new Marxist Leninist Maoist international center arose. The Communist Workers’ Union (mlm) of Colombia at its VII Assembly in June 2007, convinced of the fatal coup inflicted by the revisionist betrayal of the People’s War in Nepal to the silent and handcuffed Internationalist Revolutionary Movement, expressed in its Called the Proletariat of all countries and the Marxists Leninist Maoists: «In the organization aspect, the real revolutionary communists must march towards a new International Conference of the Marxists Leninists Maoists. They must therefore deepen their unity, not only by contributing to the development of the general line for their unity in the New International, but also through concrete political acts and joint efforts that contribute to fulfill the common purposes.» Similarly, on May 1, 2012, three parties that had been members of the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement, the Communist Party (Maoist) of Afghanistan, the Communist Party of India (ML) [Naxalbari] and the Maoist Communist Party of Italy, proposed «the convening of an International Conference to revive and reorganize an international organization.»

None of these calls echoed the movement. Obviously the minimum conditions were not given, and not so much because of the difficulties involved in the material organization of an International Conference, but above all, because the ideological and political general demarcation was not clear and unified with regard to the revisionist who, in addition to undermining the basics of the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement, contaminated other parties with opportunistic ideas; revisionist line delineated by the «Prachanda Way» of the PCN(M) and then developed by the PCR-EU where was the deep post-MLM revisionist strain, made public in the avakianist formulation of the «New Synthesis of Communism»: “…But he has also deeply analyzed the mistakes, and the shortcomings in conception and method that led to those mistakes. And on that basis, he’s forged a coherent, comprehensive and overarching theoretical framework—that is, a synthesis. While this definitely comes out of and builds on what has gone before, this advance has also involved real ruptures with the past understanding and experience as a crucial element, which is why we call it the new synthesis”3…….

3 WHAT IS BOB AVAKIAN’S NEW SYNTHESIS? Part I: “Humanity Needs Revolut

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