A Refutation of the Communist Pontiffs of France and Belgium

Last worker’s Day, among the jointed declarations of MLM Parties and Organizations, there was one signed by the Communist Party of France (MLM) and the Marxist Leninist Maoist Center of Belgium entitled: With the people’s war, under the banner of the MLM, before the second general crisis of capitalism! In that statement, which seems more like anathema to communist pontiffs, the comrades expose: «their» Marxism «well understood»; refuting with phrases the «heretics» who in different parts of the world are fighting to lead the forces of the world proletariat to the fulfilment of its historical mission.

The statement of the comrades could be dispatched with any phrase, as some comrades do it, however, it is necessary to take their ideas seriously and refute their mistakes because some are disqualifying phrases without any argument, others only show «their» contradictory and mutilated Marxism, and others coincide with the ideas of mistaken comrades who seek to introduce within the Maoist Leninist Marxists, formulations and dogmas contrary to Marxism.

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